Deutsche Doggen Kopfstudie Cicero und Diamant

Great Danes of Austria Great Stars

Kopfstudie unserer Doggen Cicero und Diamant
Our female "Creme de la Creme of Austria Great Stars" had born 10 puppies to 19th Februar 2011
after our male "El-King of Austria Great Stars"
1 male black, 1 female black, 1 female harlekin, 2 male blue
1 female blue, 2 male greytiger and 1 female greytiger
If you are interested of our puppies, we are pleased to accept your reservation
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Mother Father
Great Dane female black

Creme de la Creme of Austreia Great Stars
born: 19.02.2007
 EuDDC breed certified - HD-A/ED-0
heart ultrasonic OB
Father IntCH. MultiCH. Veni Vidi Vici des Habits Rouges
Mother IntCH. MultiCH. Fatima Ricanska hvezda

Great Dane male harlekin

El-King of Austria Great Stars
born: 16.12.2007
EuDDC breed certified - HD B
heart ultrasonic OB
Father IntCh. MultiCh. Fly to Success Claudia Bohemica
Mother: IntCh. MultiCh. Nilusparti Julie mon Coeur

Puppies 3 Weeks

Great Dane puppies

Great Dane puppies
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