Deutsche Doggen Kopfstudie Cicero und Diamant

Deutsche Doggen of Austria Great Stars

Kopfstudie unserer Doggen Cicero und Diamant

Our first Austria Great Stars meeting on June, 21st, 2008

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  • With great anticipation the owners of the Austria Great Stars-Danes came together with their Great Danes to meet at the first Austria Great Stars meeting. On the outskirts of Vienna 27 humans assembled together with their 13 Danes from the C-litter (aged 16 months), the D-litter (aged 13 months), and the E-litter (aged 6 months).

  • Everybody is having his eyes on us beautiful dogs
  • Let's move on
  • A last quick pet on the neck
  • The pictures need no explanation: dogs and humans got along very well (although the humans weren't relatives) and appreciated each other right from the start.

  • Weren't there four of us just a while ago???
  • Who will be first?
  • Let's have a look if there are still all humans here
  • Look! The slow humans have finally arrived
  • Hey! Are there any lifeguards among us?
  • »And now we are tired from something completely else, namely from marching through the ›Wienerwald‹… ...« (based on "Worried Men Skiffle-Group").

  • No japanese people near, but still so many cameras clicking?
  • Here's lookin’ at you, kid!
  • Move over here! Fresh spring water!
  • That's discipline: One by one
  • Filling station for both - dogs and humans. The people in the restaurant were really surprised to see thirteen jolly, but totally peaceful Great Danes gathered together in one place, without being held on the lead by their owners, and, what is more, without disturbing other people. This earned us praise and recognition.

  • Humans are awaiting their feeding bowls
  • Without this pretty pink lead I could rough up quite well...
  • Everybody knows: Black is beautiful
  • Hmmm ... all 3 girls have a very nice rear frame
  • Find it: Where are the 8 Great Danes?
  • 16 months and 36 months- a dreamteam
  • I can't believe it! This guy always hits the girls before me
  • Ballermann-feeling: All guys are drinking out of one bucket
  • As it is common at family celbrations, a group photograph was taken. But, which is also common when big families meet, not all dogs and humans fitted on one photo.

  • Family Constellation
  • When can we romp again?
  • Not only for our owners, but for many more we have to pose like a model
  • Alright, one last pose, but then it is enough

Happily and highly pleased after this beatiful and special day, all humans and dogs are looking forward to our next meeting in autumn.

I'm only six months, but I already know: A Great Dane's life is wonderful!

P.S.: If you are interested in purchasing a puppy of our kennel, we would like to invite you to our next Austria Great Stars meeting in September 2008. It will be a great pleasure to see you there and to introduce you to our offspring. Please, feel free to contact us.

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